Acquisition Sciences is a record generation company that finds under-monetized audiences and directs them to websites where we generate records and then monetize them.

Record Generation vs. Lead Generation

Record Generation

  • Based on audience (e.g. discount seeking women)
  • Vertical agnostic
  • Monetization agnostic
  • Lifetime value of user

Lead Generation

  • Based on vertical (e.g. insurance)
  • All about the vertical
  • Specific Monetization
  • Short term value of user


Dynamic Landers

Dynamic Emails

A/B Testing

High Fidelity Tracking

Dynamic Offers

Our Site

CouponHound is a coupons and free samples website that aggregates a variety of coupon, discount, coupon code, and sample sources from around the Web to present our users with the content they want. Whether it's a printable grocery coupon for $.50 off Heinz Ketchup, a coupon code for 20% off a Macy's purchase, a great deal on car insurance, or a free sample of Purina Pet Chow, we use our network of connections and proprietary technology to deliver targeted savings.

And best of all, CouponHound uses sophisticated database and machine learning technology. The more you use CouponHound, the smarter we get about what you're looking for, and the more you save!

We also have a suite of highly engaging email newsletters that we send out to our engaged userbase. Users love to click and print our targeted coupons of the day (which we select on a per-user basis), find out what our mystery deals are, and use our coupon codes. We have industry leading open and click rates.

Our Audience

We target the most coveted online demographic, US women, 23-54. This is the shopping audience. The social game audience. They are highly engaged online and are willing to trade information for something in return. (like coupons and free samples)

Meet The Team

Josh Levitan


Josh is a product and marketing expert who has worked in all forms of media, from big budget film and TV shows like 300 to online content providers like AOL to social and mobile games with millions of players. Most recently, Josh headed up Product & Marketing for LuckyLabs, where he oversaw their portfolio of mobile games (8m+ players between them), led the company's pivot, and built out and launched Scantopia, a gamified barcode-scanning and shopping app for iOS and Android. Prior to that he co-founded (along with Howard Marks, co-founder of Activision) Gamzee, an HTML5 game company whose launch product was heavily featured by Facebook during their short-lived HTML5 mobile push. Josh enjoys trying new restaurants and beers, reading books, and restoring antique arms and armor (two out of the last three statements are true).

Christopher Griffin

VP of Revenue

Christopher has unique and multifaceted sales and business development experience in e-commerce, affiliate, search, and lead-generation. Prior to joining Acquisition Sciences, Christopher pioneered the e-commerce vertical for social-buying website,, where he signed top-grossing national campaigns with a multitude of Top 500 Internet Retailers. At Rakuten Loyalty, Christopher was personally responsible for generating millions in affiliate display advertising revenue and the effective management of the company's advertising and affiliate revenue streams. Christopher is well-versed in a variety of advertising models, such as CPM, CPC, CPA, and revenue share based deals, as well as coupons, downloadable software, search feeds, and loyalty programs. He enjoys hockey, short walks on the beach, sarcasm, and rejecting invitations to dim sum lunches with his boss and co-workers.

Dave Powers

Software Developer

Dave is a developer who is always interested in learning about new technologies, best coding practices, and how to work more efficiently. Previously, he worked in video post-production, providing technical assistance to editors working on various commercials, documentaries, and shorts. Before making the switch to programming, Dave spent time doing software QA, working in tandem with developers to ensure the company's web application was thoroughly tested and functioning properly. Most recently, he completed the immersive bootcamp program at Launch Academy, where he learned full-stack web development using Ruby on Rails. You can find Dave at Boston Ruby Group events, on a local running trail, or at the nearest disc golf course.

Joshua Giudici

Web Designer

Joshua is a seasoned veteran of web UI/UX design and development, sporting skills from Adobe Creative Suite to HTML/CSS to Responsive and Mobile Design. Preferring to get his hands dirty, he codes and designs directly within web application frameworks, like Ruby on Rails, allowing him to strategize UI/UX projects from both a design and development perspective. Prior to Acquisition Sciences he worked for Kaplan University and Avenue100 Media Solutions, where he boosted conversion rates on web pages via paid search traffic through continuous A/B testing and mobile/responsive design optimizations. He is also a huge film buff and speaks "movie-quoting" as a second language, listens to the Blues and Classic Rock religiously, and plays guitar as much as possible.

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